Update on LCTA Suspension of Play, June 11th, 2020-Dates noted below are subject to change


Update on LCTA Suspension of Play, June 11th, 2020-Dates noted below are subject to change

 Beginning June 1st, 2020, the Suspension of USTA League Tennis was lifted and the decision to reactivate competitive tennis was at the discretion of the State and the Local League.After a long analysis – which included dialogue with the USTA, the USTA South Carolina, the Lowcountry Facilities and our Players – we have reached the following decision and are announcing a plan to restart the LCTA Local League.

These are the following Points of Note:

  • The LCTA has decided to officially cancel the Spring, Mixed and Combo Leagues for the 2020 season(s). However, we ask that teams who wish to play out any Spring matches, please do so by communicating with your fellow captains. No scores will be entered into Tennislink and no one will be penalized for not playing.
  • The LCTA will activate an Enhanced and Elongated Fall Season that will begin play in Mid August and end in Mid November – the Fall Season will include (2) one-week breaks. You will also see some innovative activities that will amplify competition and the enjoyment of the game.
  • The Fall League registration will begin on Monday July 6th and will end on Monday August 3rd and we will be lowering the registration fee from $15 dollars to $10 dollars. The Captain’s registration fee will be lowered to $5 dollars (we will be emailing captains a coupon before registration begins). You will need to contact your facility to determine if guests will be allowed to enter for league play before registering a team.
  • The Fall Season, will now become The LCTA Championship Season, and will conclude with a New, Exciting Event – The Pfeiffer Cup – a Low Country Championship Tournament – which will include the two top teams in each flight playing to determine the Lowcountry Champion. The Championship Tournament will be a Prestigious Award for Winning Teams and will add meaning along with contributing a new Competitive Spirit to the Season.
  • The Lowcountry Championship Tournament is named after Bob Pfeiffer, Our Tennis Pioneer who established the LCTA decades ago. The Tournament will include cash prizes for Tournament winners, and we will also have our LCTA Player Appreciation Party during the weekend tournament. There will be more details to follow, although this is based upon conditions at that time.
  • The LCTA will refund any requests for Spring registration fees from players that did not play a match and all Mixed registration fees. USTA South Carolina will offer these same players the option to have a credit applied to their Tennislink account versus a refund. We will forward details soon.
  • In terms of Player Ratings, we are awaiting information from the USTA on how ratings will be determined. We will provide that information to you upon receipt.

There were a significant amount of Difficult Hurdles in trying to re-establish the Spring, Mixed and Combo Leagues. We believe the Enhanced and Elongated Championship Season is the best and safest way forward. We will continue to be working diligently to bring you a Tennis League of the Highest Quality and Professionalism.

The opportunity for flexibility will only exist this year and we are expecting to resume our normal league schedule in 2021. We appreciate your Patience, Understanding and Optimism as we bring Tennis back to the Lowcountry.


Dee Mack – Local League Coordinator
Bill Ennis – Overall Women’s Coordinator
Jen McCool – Overall Men’s Coordinator
Alice Kryder -Men’sSenior Coordinator
William Snead – Women’s Senior Coordinator
Steve Speer – Senior Scheduling Coordinator

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