LCTA Championship Season Registration Reminder

LCTA Championship Season Registration Reminder

As a reminder, the LCTA Championship Season Registration will begin on Monday July 6th and conclude on Monday, August 3rd.

The Season will begin play in mid August and conclude in mid November – followed by The Peiffer Cup LCTA Championship Tournament in which the two top teams in each flight will compete for the Low Country Championship.

Registration Fees have been lowered for the upcoming LCTA Championship Season:

LCTA Players – $10.00
LCTA Captains – $5.00 – Captain discount will be offered at checkout.

Our Senior Flights this season will consist of the following Flights:

54 Flights
64 Flights
69 Flights

54 Flights
64 Flights

Please check in with your LowCountry Tennis Facilities regarding their individual playing requirements along with their willingness to host LCTA Tennis. We understand the difficult and complex conditions that exist, and at this time, it is a personal decision to play or not to play, whatever your decision is, it will be respected by all.

We expect to resume our normal league schedule in 2021.

We look forward to an exciting and competitive LCTA Championship Season.


Dee Mack – Local League Coordinator
Bill Ennis – Overall Women’s Coordinator
Jen McCool – Overall Men’s Coordinator
Alice Kryder -Men’sSenior Coordinator
William Snead – Women’s Senior Coordinator
Steve Speer – Senior Scheduling Coordinator

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