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2022 LCTA Championship Peiffer Cup Schedule - January 15th and 16th


9:00AM LTP/DI 

18+ 4.5 W LTP/DI Play.. vs Farmfield Flex-able (5 c)
18+ 4.0 W MPR Quarantini vs Maybank Mamacitas (5 c)

11:00AM LTP/DI

18+ 4.0 M St. Andrews The Musketeers vs Maybank Surf (5 c)
18+ 3.5 M CCC ONC vs Hamlin SOL (5 c)


18+ 3.5 W MPR Team Darkhorse vs DI Overserved (5 c)
18+ 3.0 M Park West Angry vs Hamlin Lobbsters (5 c)
18+ 2.5 M Snee Farm Cervasas vs LTP/DI Racketeers (3 c)
65+ 4.0 M LTP 65ers vs LTP MacRussell (1 c)

1:00PM *DI Club 

54+ 3.5 W Snee Farm Double vs CTC Servivors (3 c)
54+ 4.0 W MPR Smiling vs The Ville (3 c)


18+ 3.0 W Hamlin Set vs PW Volley (5 c)
18+ 2.5 W (3 c) Maybank Shot Girls vs DIC Reckless!
54+ 3.0 M LTP/DI All In vs PW Old (3 c)
65+ 4.0 M LTP 65ers vs LTP MacRussell (3 c)

9:00AM LTP/DI 

39+ 4.5 W LTP/DI 10S vs MPR (4 c)
39+ 4.0 W MPR Pleased vs LTP/DI CAS (4 c)
39+ 4.0 M St. Andrews Hit vs CCC I’ll (4 c)

11:00AM LTP/DI

39+ 3.5 W MPR The Crushers vs LTP/DI Tough (4 c)
39+ 3.0 W PW All vs MPR Saultry (4 c)
54+ 3.0 M LTP/DI Hitmen vs LO Poachers (3 c)


39+ 3.5 M Maybank Mayhem vs AE Terminator (4 c)
39+ 2.5 W PW Y’all vs MPR Love (3 c)
54+ 3.0 W Walterboro Gals vs MPR Dirty (3 c)


54+ 3.5 M I’On Old vs LTP/DI 54 (3 c)
54+ 4.0 M MPR Gentlemen vs MPR Net (3 c)
65+ 3.5 W MPR Lucky vs Snee Farm Double (3 c)
65+ 4.0 W MPR Girls vs MPR Lob (3 c)

LCTA Spring Registration begins January 3rd and ends January 16th, 2022.

Season will start on January 31, 2022

USTA South Carolina is launching #TennisTogetherSC

What is Tennis Together SC?
It is a conscious effort to make tennis look more like the demographics of our state.

Its purpose?
To call the SC tennis community to meaningful action around race.

We are excited about the launch for Tennis Together South Carolina. Please share this information with your local volunteers and colleagues. Please ask them to visit our webpage link, take the survey, and use the hashtag #TennistogetherSC on our social media outlets. Once again, we appreciate your leadership and your commitment to making a difference.

Here’s the link:


The primary purpose of Lowcountry Tennis Association (LCTA) is recreational.  LCTA is also designed to promote interest in the game of tennis, support the USTA League in the Charleston area, and maintain the rules of play and high standards of sportsmanship.


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